Easy Pinwheel Cookies Recipes

Easy Pinwheel Cookies Recipes

The ingredients Easy Pinwheel Cookies Recipes

  1. 226 h butter/margarine
  2. 1 cup sugar
  3. 2 ovum
  4. 1 tsp vanilla remove
  5. 3-3. 5 cups just about all purpose flour
  6. Food colour of your choice.. I used reddish colored and green

Step-step making Easy Pinwheel Cookies Recipes

  1. You can use your hands or perhaps a food processor to mix anything by hand

  2. Divide your dough into a couple of halves… color one green and typically the other red… Cover with cling motion picture and refrigerate for about 30 seconds

  3. Carry out each dough.. roll it out and about.. and place on top of every single other.. do so on a parchment paper

  4. Gently roll it over into some sort of log and seal the edges

  5. Cut the log

  6. See how good it looks in the inside

  7. Refrigerate for a while.. Ahead of baking

  8. Bake at a hundred and seventy for about 15 minutes

  9. Ready to eat

  10. You can use the hands or a food processor to be able to mix everything by hand

  11. Divide your cash into 2 halves… color one alternative and the other red… Cover using cling film and refrigerate for concerning 30 minutes

  12. Take out each dough.. throw it out.. and place on top rated of each other.. do so in a parchment paper

  13. Gently roll it above into a log and seal typically the edges

  14. Cut your log

  15. See how good that looks on the inside

  16. Refrigerate for some sort of while.. Before baking

  17. Prepare at 170 for about 15 a few minutes

  18. Ready to eat