Easy Cheese paratha Recipes

Easy Cheese paratha Recipes

The ingredients Easy Cheese paratha Recipes

  1. 1 pot wheat flour (atta)
  2. fourteenth tsp salt
  3. 1 teaspoon oil or ghee
  4. Water as required for rubbing
  5. For cheese stuffing
  6. /2 cup grated cheese
  7. a quarter -1/2 tsp crushed dark-colored pepper (Kali Mirch)
  8. as needed Ghee or oil for cooking parathas
  9. As needed rice flour for dusting

Step-step making Easy Cheese paratha Recipes

  1. In a large mixing bowl, have wheat flour, salt and oil together with mix well. Now add water together with mix well.

  2. Mix every little thing and begin to knead into some sort of smooth and fine Dough. Add extra water if required to knead typically the dough.

  3. Cover and preserve the dough aside for 20-30 moments.

  4. MAKE CHEESE STUFFING PARATHA. In a bowl, take all typically the stuffing ingredients. Mix well. Don’t put salt as cheese has already sodium in it.

  5. Pinch a couple of balls from the dough and jiggle them between your palms. Flatten these people and dust them with wheat flour.

  6. With a rolling green, roll them into 4-5 inches dimension round. Try making both the units of same size.

  7. In one of the rolled circle, spot the cheese stuffing in the hub and keep 1 inch empty place from the sides.

  8. Delicately place the second circle on typically the top and seal the edges.

  9. Dust some flour on typically the stuffed paratha. Begij to roll typically the paratha. Use wheat dust if expected.

  10. On a hot tawa, place the rolled paratha. Wheb platform is partly cooked, spread some ghee on the partly cooked part. Reverse and repeat the same. Make confident both the sides are cooked very well.

  11. Serve with chilled yogurt or mango pickle or tomato marinade.