Easy #Plain simple chapatti#post 48th Recipes

Easy #Plain simple chapatti#post 48th Recipes

The ingredients Easy #Plain simple chapatti#post 48th Recipes

  1. 2 mugs Wheat flour
  2. 1 glass Water/milk
  3. 2-3 drops Clarified butter/desi ghee

Step-step making Easy #Plain simple chapatti#post 48th Recipes

  1. Firstly sieve the wheat or grain flour then make a partially coagulate soft dough by incorporating area temprature water/milk little by simply tiny.. knead the dough with yo’r knuckles and make a new major round ball.. apply 2-3drops regarding oil/ghee with yo’r finger ideas on the dough and offer a rest of 20 mins to set completely by simply masking with a samp muslin cloth/kitchen towel napkin.. Make small golf balls out of the bread

  2. Give the shape regarding round roti/chapatti by dusting about rolling board and straightening together with the help of a new rolling’ pin by rotating the roti/chapatti in circular motion

  3. Heat the skillet and spot chapatti on it and make to cook till dry areas visible on the roti/chapatti and then flip it(turning upside down) in addition to cook from the reverse(other) outside.. when brown spots start showing then put the roti/chapatti about direct flame and make clean and fluffy by flipping(turning over)again and again(do this process swiftly so that the chapatti/roti may possibly and’t burnt

  4. Help make all the chapatties/rotis with equivalent process

  5. Apply clarified butter/desi ghee together with the help of a new comb or a spoon

  6. Transfer into a new serving plate

  7. Serve hot-hot cozy chapatti/roti as soon as cooked, together with dal, rajma(red beans), chana or perhaps whatever u cooked