Easy ‘Shiro-an’ Recipes

Easy ‘Shiro-an’ Recipes

The ingredients Easy ‘Shiro-an’ Recipes

  1. 400 g Canned Butter Beans
  2. *Note: You get about 200g Beans from a 400g can
  3. 0.25 Cup Sugars
  4. Salt *optional, if the particular Butter Beans are unsalted

Step-step making Easy ‘Shiro-an’ Recipes

  1. Rinse Butter Beans and drain very well. Place all Butter Beans into some sort of food processor and make them in paste.

  2. Add Sugar together with pinch of Salt. Process until that gets smooth paste texture.

  3. *Note: If you wish to prepare food Dry Butter Beans by yourself, My spouse and i recommend to use Larger Butter Espresso beans (Lima Beans). Soak the beans instantaneously. Next day, rinse and drain typically the beans, remove skins, then cook throughout water until absolutely tender.