Easy Cake 2 Recipes

Easy Cake 2 Recipes

The ingredients Easy Cake 2 Recipes

  1. 2 glasses flour
  2. 250 g simas butter
  3. 6 eggs
  4. Half cup sugars
  5. 1 tspoon baking dust
  6. Red velvet flavour
  7. Red food colour

Step-step making Easy Cake 2 Recipes

  1. Mix all the dry ingredient together

  2. Now in a bowl add your butter and sugar and mix in a mixer or you can hand mix until soft and fluffy

  3. Add your eggs gently and mix in high speed add your dry ingredientx slowly and mix

  4. Then add your red velvet flavour and red food colour the more you mix the more soft and fluffy your cake will be

  5. Now in greese your baking pan with butter or veg oil and pour the mixture into the pan bake for 20 to 30mints your cake is ready